The Harvest Restaurant

The restaurant a casual family friendly new American restaurant. The menu celebrates its rocky mountain roots with Colorado foods seasonal shifts and organic ingredients from local farm. Parents program is a carefully curated showcase in Colorado artisan. With options from every price rise to boutique wine. Colorado craft beer and creative cocktails made using local spirits. The Pantry is a casual neighborhood spot with a fresh juice and coffee bar, organics smoothies and a delicious toast menu. You can take in the stunning view with a coffee and a meal or get a grab-and-go Panini. Join us today as executive chef Rosa prepares her favorite dish Salmon that she gets fresh from the Scottish farmers. They're pioneers in the farming of salmon and offers superior quality that has earned the reputation and respect as on of the healthiest foods.

This is Tom Bianca of Colorado's Voyage we do this segment sort of like the PBS cooking shows where we go out to different restaurants and feature the Executive Chef preparing a meal and today we are lucky enough to have Executive Chef Rosa from the Harvest Restaurant located in Edwards, Colorado at the Sonnenalp Golf Club. So We're going to go ahead and prepare a dish so what kind of dish Rosa. 

Rosa "We're going to prepare Salmon with the skin side down, crispy skin Salmon. It comes from the northwest part of Scotland. Farm raised on the sea waters, sustainable, very good quality fish". 

Tom "How do you decide about that particular region to select your salmon. There's a lot of areas that you can go to, but you go to Scotland. 

Rosa "I used to use Skuna Bay salmon from Canada, it's no longer available so I'm always looking for what it is available that is sustainable, good that has good quality and price, that's important for me."

Tom "How do you go about selecting. Do you travel to each region?"

Rosa "I have my suppliers, so I taste and try it.". 

Tom "How do you prepare it then. Do you have to marinate it or add any other sauces to it?". 

Rosa "Very simple, we want to taste the flavors. This dish you just add some white pepper and salt, cooked in olive oil, skin side down so its crispy and can eat the entire fish with the skin on. We will serve it with brown rice, wild mushrooms and asparagus. Very good, and then we have a mushroom broth that I made from all the stems of the mushrooms. plus some shallots, thyme and garlic. The broth twill give extra flavor to the fish". 

Tom "What kind of olive oil do you use and how much do you put into the pan?"

 Rosa "I use Corto olive oil from California and is certified 100% pure and enough to coat it". 

Tom "How do you prefer the brown rice."

Rosa "Steam rice, a little butter and I am warming it up with a little bit of mushroom broth, just to make sure that it's very flavorful. I love whole grain, so it gives you a little more fiber and is good for you. So you now flip the salmon over, halfway or one third of the way cooked, so the skin is crispy."

Tom "Now there's different ways to prepare it, is this the best way you found to do it. 

Rosa "Yes I like classic french cuisine. You can't go wrong if you cook it that way". 

Tom "So when somebody comes in, how long does it take to prepare the whole dish from start to finish."

Rosa "Rare fish, no longer than 8 minutes."

Tom "Can you tell us what else you offer from the menu."

Rosa "The classic.Options of Caesar Salad, Watermelon Salad, Wedge salads, so we try please everyone with plenty of selections, our menu has five different kinds of sandwiches including turkey, corned beef, grilled cheese, burgers, I think we make the best burger's in town. Also a Menu of appetizers that are available all day. Then we add to the dinner service and we are adding more items especially seafood for dinner time". 

Tom "And do you change the menu with the seasons and offer a different selections in the winter, spring and summer?"

Rosa "Absolutely The summer has to be more live and colorful and in the winter you want more warm things."

Tom "What is the address and how can they book a reservation?"

Rosa "Our address is 1265 Berry Road Edwards, CO, our phone number is 970-477-5353 and you can book at"

Tom "I appreciate your time and the Harvest at the Sonnenalp Golf Club, so you can come up here and experience 18 holes of championship golf and then afterwards you can come in and dine on some great food from Executive Chef Rosa".