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Capture the Voyage offers a Television program! This show is all about the business, lifestyle, and entertainment, which we will all take the journey in life together. In our upcoming segments, you will experience dining at the best restaurants! We will film all aspects of the chef preparing his favorite dish. This series will take you on the inside of the restaurant where you can learn all the details of how the chef cooks the plate.
We will go play at the top golf courses where you will learn how to play the golf holes proven by the golf pro as the best approach to play their course. You will learn course strategy, golf tips, and so much more.
We will feature local businesses that showcase what they do and give you tips on what goes on in their occupation.
We will travel to the best resorts and enjoy all the activities inside and outside of the destination.
You will be entertained through our animated show that will capture your imagination, these episodes will provide you with real life situations, take you to mystical lands! characters that have magical abilities! stories that will perplex you with ingenious creativity.
You will be lifted up and inspired by the stories we will share, so come join us for the fun! 
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Capture the Voyage On-Line Store

Capture the Voyage On-line Store
We are an independent online gift and accessories retailer and offer our highest quality and best offers specifically to you.
Capture the Voyage was built to get you the most popular gifts, apparel items and gadgets in the world!
We believe that serving our customers comes with a responsibility to also actively make sure they are satisfied with their purchase. We strive to be the number 1 online store, with the best products to offer and top notch customer service. We will do our efforts to make sure our customers are happy!
Cash The Stash / Colorado's Voyage firmly believes that innovation through technology is the future of the Gadgets, Gifts, Health and Technology industry. One of our many goals is to continue to innovate in ways that no others are willing to. By bringing all the best products into one place through technology we believe we can change the industry forever by focusing on our customers needs.

Buy with confidence at Capture the Voyage - we will take care of the rest and make sure you are happy!

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    About Bonaka Blast

    Bonaka Blast Marketing and Media Firm is the premier resource for companies strategically targeting the consumer. We deliver a total business audience of nearly 1,500 major publishers via their websites, industry leading companies like Yelp, Virgin Airlines, Bank of America, plus many more will be promoting your business to millions of people nationwide.
    Our media products provide videos and articles with comprehensive coverage of business news, health news, travel news, restaurant, sports news from a local, regional and national perspective via its websites, and from our publication "Capture the Voyage" that is distributed through out Colorado.
    The President and CEO of Bonaka Blast is Thomas Bianca. He has served as president since it's establishment in 2001.
  • We have a clear mission at Bonaka Blast Marketing and Media:
    To help customers grow their busines