Tom Bianca host of Colorado's Voyage Radio Program on 560 Klz. This program is all about the businesses and lifestyles here in Colorado. We wanted to do these segments where we bring on different business owners in the marketing area, where you have to market a product and you really don't know where to effectively show that product and there's a number of outlets that you can go into, specifically the social networks, television, print, radio, but today we got one unique area to promote your product, which you probably seen, is the banners in restaurants and bathrooms. Scott Schroeder of the Billy Goat offers insight on how effective this advertising is.
So explain these particular banners and how you effectively get my name out there in your business?

Scott "what you do is you put up framed advertising inside the bathroom stalls, waiting rooms, places that people congregate inside these businesses. It's really based on a network, where the restaurant owners or the gym owners, they collectively open up their space to share their message, so it's really more of a community feel to advertising rather than just blasting something on the Internet or putting it on a billboard. It really has more of a grassroots feel, when you do share that messaging".

Tom "I know every time that I go to the restroom I notice these banners or these billboards and I do read them and so I think that's a very effective message of getting your name out there and I would never thought that when I go into a restroom that I be looking at these banners, but they're there and you do stare at them. How much areas do cover in the Denver metro area"?

Scott "Currently we're in about 200 locally owned businesses, which is nice because a lot of these businesses have been around for years, they're the watering holes of the community, they're places that people effectively go every day or every week or every month, so there are a mix between gyms, restaurants, salons or doctors offices, just the everyday places that you you go to".

Tom "Who would ever thought that a bathroom would be a social congregation area, especially for the ladies, they do go into the restroom and for some reason it's a great place for them to just vent out and talk and its because your girlfriend goes to the restroom and you're looking at the time is she ever going to get done. Nou you know she's been reading the whole time and talking to her friends. for men it takes us a couple of minutes, but for the ladies room, We may as well have another drink while we're waiting. Tell us about the product how it's presented to a format and then to print, can we go ahead and have our own media outlet to produce that advertising or do you provide that as well"?

Scott "Well it's interesting because we do work with a variety of clients, it could be as a big corporation that already has their graphic designer in-house or they have their own marketing department, but we also like to do is open up the opportunity to help the local businesses that may not have that extra help along the way, so what I like to do because I've got a lot of business background I've got an MBA, we've got a lot of business experience in our company is to really share that knowledge of working with our past customers, knowing kind of what works and also having a feel for what's in the area, what are people looking for having a pulse on certain markets and that's what we do as well as we kind of help our clients to figure out what is the best message to give, what's what's going to speak the most to the customers out there and match that up, because it's a combination of knowing what you do best, but also knowing exactly what your customer base is looking for".

Tom "So with the Billboards you can be creative with images and text to be effective and memorable, correct?"

Scott "It's definitely effective to have the right image to link to your customer base, so you really want to spur creativity and imagination in your advertising. It really evokes some engagement with your customers".

Tom "So not only do you have the banners and the billboards in the restrooms, but you also have another outlet on the television. Tell us a little bit more about that"?

Scott "In the last year we created a device kind of like a Google Chrome Cast if you've ever used that,so we plug into the back of the TV inside of a bar or restaurant. Imagine you have a whole line of TV's that are playing sports, where we picked the one in the middle, take it over and we actually display static images of in-house marketing for the bar of the restaurant and then we'll might throw in some trivia. just ways to really get people excited and we even added another feature where it's a text to screen service, so if you want to post a selfie with your friends at the bar, if you have a picture you just wanted to share with everybody at the bar, you can actually in real time post that to the screen and it's a great way to get people using the TV and looking at the TV and instead of it being an and obtrusive commercial or something that you're going to tune out, now you're actually playing with the TV and having fun with it".

Tom "So it's interactive and engaging".

Scott "That's the whole point, is to have a little bit of fun with it while you're out there".

Tom "Is this is in all your locations at this point in time or you just putting him in more locations as well and do you plan on getting additional avenues in your business"?

Scott "That's going to be definitely one area that we're going to grow in is the Palm board sector, we're going to be adding more and more of those up with our existing clients that we already have, Bathroom stall adds up and then we're going to add the TV version inside their establishment and then any place that has a TV already as a potential customer to use our service, the Palm Board is nice because it's a free service for the bar, the venue that's using it, we just sell the advertising space on the back end. It's a great way for having a new feature inside your bar to display images of food or events that you might be posting and it's just a great way to communicate with your customers rather than just having you know the television on".

Tom "It's very inexpensive to use your service right"?

Scott "Both the Palm Board and what Billy Goat Group does which is the framed ads inside the restrooms or the waiting rooms, those are actually free to use as your as the venue. It's the ad space that we sell to paying customers or we do trade deals, things like that were part of trade networks, so it's you know we try to work with our customers which whichever way that looks".

Tom "It's a unique marketing area that I never really looked at, but I'd like to go ahead and get my name out there a little bit more on Colorado's voyage, I'll be using your service Scott and hopefully we'll see my mug in your local restrooms. I've always thought billboards were pretty good as well, so all this area is very unique. I think that you've got a really unique niche in the market where you can get your name out there and how long have you been around and what do you anticipate for your company in the future"?

Scott "We're embarking our fourth year. This is going to be the biggest year for growth for us. We are positioning ourselves in different circles, different networking opportunities with Chamber of Commerce and downtown Denver and really trying to grow within this community and make the right partnerships, like with the Westword or the Denver Business Journal and instead of feeling like we're competing with everybody else we're here to really grow with everyone and give companies that normally don't have the opportunity to get into the marketing field, the advertising field because a lot of times those barriers are pretty high. We want to open up that door to everybody to get their message out and grow their business.

Tom "So go ahead and once again mention the key aspects of your marketing company"?

Scott "We are an indoor advertising agency, what we do is take in a customer that wants to get their message out, we help them craft a one page advertising ad and we pick out the right locations to match them up with the demographic they're trying to reach".

Tom "So tell us the Web site where are you located, contact information and more details about all the information that you offer"?

Scott "You can always reach me by phone where you can text 720=773-0 337. I will always be glad to talk with you or if you want to check us out online We're at Always down to chat and learn about your business and see if there's a way we can help you. We're learn about 200 different locations throughout the Denver metro area, from Blackhawk to Castle Rock to Thornton and we'd love to match you up with the right customer market base that you are looking for".

Scott Schroeder from the Billy Goat Group. Web site address