There’s a lot to understand about buying furniture nowadays and when you by a home it can get confusing when you go out there so many furniture outlets that you give you many options. So we wanted to find an expert on the subject, the man who knows everything about furniture and has been in the business for so long Jake Jabs. We’re going to go through four main rooms of the house on how to furnish a home with a small and large budget and I believe AFW Lifestyle Furniture offers everything that a person could be looking for in the home right Jake”? 

Jake “Absolutely, furniture as a whole for everything in the home and more, In the bedroom where we are now, we have starting bedrooms sets, kids bedroom sets, adult bedrooms sets and have them in many models and prices”.
Tom “Well it can get confusing for somebody who just bought a home with so many choices. In today’s applications available on-line it might make life easier, for example you can go to an application and you can add images of how that room might look with a bedroom set, dresser and night stand, you can add different pieces and prices and flip images so I can see if I don’t like that furniture or it won’t fit. But there is something’s it does not offer, you still have to find out in person the best quality and how it feels. So Jake I am sure you have a room planner on your web site”?
Jake “Absolutely. we have what we call room planners, where you can take a bedroom set and put it right in your bedroom. You to get to see what it looks like inside your bedroom and how it will fit, especially the new apartments and condos that are small, so it’ll show you how your bedroom will set and maybe you have room for the chest of drawers maybe you wont have room, maybe only have room for one night stand but that’s the room planning, space planning and we do that on your app. We want to make sure the furniture will fit, A lot of people buy too much furniture for the room, so this will measure and make sure that it fits and that’s what we like to do. We like to make sure it will fit in your house and save you time from having to keep coming back”.
Tom “Does it have pricing on the app as well so if I don’t like that price than just flip right through to the next price”?
Jake “Yes we have 90 different bedroom sets for example. We carry 200 living room groups at all price ranges. We have living room sofas that start at a $198.00 and go up to a thousand dollars. Of course normally the lower price, it’s a little smaller as well So go to our web site and click on the Room Planner. The bedroom set featured in picture is our number one selling set”. 
Tom “So there’s different kinds of brands, there is Gothic, Contemporary, Modern. So what type of furniture style is the one featured”?
Jake “Transitional set, this will fit I think in almost everybody’s home. It’s a little little bit contemporary, but also has a little bit of a transitional flair to it also.
Tom “This includes just the set and not the mattress”

Jake “Right, you have to buy it seperate”,
Tom “I like the set, so I can go to your application “Room Planner” and see how it might look in my room with all my other furniture and decorations”?
Jake “Absolutely, you can put your fireplace in or whatever, it’s amazing because you do it right the first time. The nice thing about all the technology you do right the first time, you don’t have to try a set and bring it back and try another set. You can get dimensions and everything. That makes people happy, everybody’s has time restraints today, so by doing it right the first time it really saves a lot of time and problems”.
Tom “So this bedroom set pictured here, how much can I expect to pay for the night stand, the dresser and the high stand dresser”?
Jake “This one will run about a thousand dollars. So it’s not a starting one, this is one of the nicer sets”.
Tom “ What can I get away with if I have a small budget or if I have extra cash on the high end”?
Jake “With a queen bed it goes high as a $1,000.00 and then you can start as low as $199.00 that includes head board, foot board, bed and rails”.
Tom “Can we get all the styles not only transitional sets”?.
Jake “Of course, we offer every style out of the 90 different bedroom sets. So we have contemporary, modern, transitionals, plus many more”. 

Tom “Let’s go to the mattress department. When I am tired I want to come home and take a nap, so lets take a look at your favorite mattress”.

Mattress Foam by HealthcareJake “The mattress featured in the picture is the one I really recommend, it is a memory form that cradles and forms around your body. I slept on this mattress for 12 years. This queen sized mattress is $289 and this mattress if you looked at other stores would sell for thousands of dollars. It’s a beautiful mattress, it holds up good. It’s made by a company called health care, which is a premium mattress company. So I really recommend this mattress for 289 bucks, you can buy a queen sized mattress at a good price. It’s a brand that we actually developed and it’s been a really good quality product. Some of these name brand mattresses are pretty high priced. I think you’re paying for the name a lot of times. All you’re getting here is a good value mattress at a good price”.

Tom “How many mattress sets do you offer”?
Jake “Right now, we’re offering about 40 different sets that includes twins, queen, king size and more. We have starter mattresses for as low as $98”.
Tom “So I’m set in my bedroom with a great set and mattress for roughly around $1,200. Now I need to furnish my living room. So what sofa is your favorite to kick back to watch a football game with”?

Mid-Century SofaJake “So the one featured in picture is called Mid Century Modern. It is a little higher set. It’s got reversible cushions, it has got two extra pillows and has it’s very popular. Next to the Sofa featured in the picture is one of the most proper chairs in the country. You see this in all of the TV shows lately. It’s actually a retro style, this was in style years ago and now is back popular again. It’s very very comfortable at a price of $278. It is a nice fabric that last year for years and years. The sofa $348, the fabric is textured upholstery and is microfiber that will last long time”.

Tom “okay I’m out about $2,300 - $2,400 with my purchase of bedroom and living room. So I need to set up the dining rooms. We have a formal dining room and then we have a small dining room for the kids and our every day needs. So what is your favorite set in the showroom, the prices, the quality and the kind of styles”?

Dining SetsJake “The set featured in the picture the Napa five piece set sells for $178 and good for small spaces. It has a metal stool with a quality piece of solid wood in the middle and the stools slide underneath it so this fits in a very small area. It has five pieces with a table and four chairs. Ideal for young kids and small spaces, so it’s perfect. Now we have lots of dining rooms, we have about 120 different dining room sets. So if you go to something a little nicer like the one featured in the picture the Ferrara has a nicer chairs and table will run about $435 for a five piece set. So we have all kinds of dining rooms including different sizes, heights, brands and styles”.

Tom “So our price for the three areas of the house including the bedroom set. mattress, living room set, small and formal dining room set is around $3,000. So I am in budget and now can afford a man cave and that would be my office. What do you have for office furniture”?
Power Adjustable DeskJake “What we’re selling a lot of right now is the Power Adjustable Desk featured in the picture. The desk lowers down where you can use it at regular height with a regular chair or you can raise it up, if you want to work with your computer standing. This will come up to any height you want. This is what I have in my office and I love it for working. I can look out my window and see my trucking fleet and see the cars in the parking lot, so these adjustable office tables are really popular right now. This desk is around $600 and that’s with the motor and everything complete”. 

Tom “How many office sets do you offer”?

Jake “Well depending on home or commercial, counting everything around 180 different pieces”. Tom “Well I’m all set. I got I got my whole house furnished for about $3,600 - $3,800 and my budget was reasonable, but you can really go crazy and spend high amount of dollars”. Jake “Yes, you can get all prices. That’s really what I think we do different than a lot of places, we really have all prices and all kinds of furniture”.

Jake Jabs is the president of American Furniture Warehouse, You can find locations, complete inventory, and the room planner to furnish your house at