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ADA Compliant Service
Proposal By Thomas Bianca


We help render your website, and web contents ADA compliant in
order to;

1. Keep you/your business from losing tens of thousands of dollars
to imminent lawsuits PLUS,
2. Become more visible and accessible by search engines to
guarantee you more targeted traffic from the handicapped individual,
3. Give your business an EASY ‘Foot in The Door’ into the over 650
Billion Dollars per year Disability market.

Thomas Bianca
Web Consultant – Bonaka Blast

About us
We are a Web consulting agency with all necessary skills, expertise, and solutions to render your websites, and web contents ADA compliant and Search Engine friendly.
We hold years of experience under our belt to fully satisfy our clients' every need.

We aspire to deliver easily accessible websites, stores, blogs and web pages to all, by making them fully ADA compliant and search
engine friendly.

What We Do
We help businesses get their websites, stores, blogs, web pages and web content to become not only ADA compliant and save thousands of dollars in lawsuits but also to become much more visible and search engine friendly to bring in more targeted traffic.

Certifications and Experience Our Solutions includes; Web consulting services, ADA compliance services, and search Engine optimization services.

. We have over 4 years of experience under our belt
. We’ve helped tens of businesses escape ADA compliance charges
. Saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars from imminent
. Helped our clients rank better on search engines and much more


Don’t believe our report, hear directly from business and website owners like yourself who have trusted us to help them in the past;

A big thank you to Bonaka Blast! The company of an
associate of mine is facing a lawsuit currently, and my company
would be in the same shoes today but for your services.
Mr. J. C. Mark  

Bonaka Blast delivers EXACTLY as they promised, they are
truly dependable partners to work with.

I am most amazed at how much traffic I now get simply by making
my site become ADA compliant. More traffic; more money for me,
a big thank you to Bonaka Blast.

Eky Silver(DC)

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