How Does a Proximity Marker Work For Your Business

Proximity Markers use Bluetooth, much like Wi-Fi can transmit a packet of information for up to about 280 feet. They transmit the same information all the time, so they talk with your phone and tell it to go to the Proximity Marker Beacon server and ask for information about the notification, then the phone which is connected to the Internet goes to the server and request information or the advertisement. An advantage to the Proximity Marker Beacon it's pocket sized, so being portable it can be used any where in the world, so let's say you're in Texas or Chicago or UK or Australia or anywhere on the planet and you are working with our beacon marketing platform, you're on the same network and transmit the same notification, it also had the feature of offering different languages, so you can target your audience whenever, wherever you want. It's that simple and for that reason Beacon's never need to be online, they never need to be connected as long as a person with their mobile phone is connected to the Web and Bluetooth. We can switch information and advertisements within a minute, once we made that update to the platform, it's updated to the server and the phone will get that information in a timely manner.
Another thing the platform does is if somebody clicks that notification we can send that person as an audience to your Facebook advertising platform and then you can either retarget that person with a Facebook advertising or you can just save them in the audience and create a lookalike audience and then advertise to that lookalike audience, plus you can do the same with Google retargeting.

What kind of campaigns can we run with beacons? Basically, any campaign that you run online, with the additional benefit of targeting any audience you please.

It could be a person just walking out of a business and getting a notification to fill a customer satisfaction form

It could be a person walking by a business and that form can be used as a lead capture for a coupon

You can send them direct to where you are 

A landing page with a grab taking image and text

It could be a promotion for a daily deal

It could be your e-commerce store to promote any product you like

It could be a coupon for any item that you would like to promote 

It could be a video that can tell a story 

It could be a message ,

It could be just a branding campaign

You can send them to a card link offer that you have on Yelp 

You could send them to a markdown card which is essentially a landing

page you create inside our platform.

So any role that you want, the possibilities are endless! The great part is that you can change the advertisement for a scheduled promotion and break it down to adjust hourly, daily, weekly. Proximity Marker Beacons are an effective way to communicate to the consumer in the best possible ways. Contact Bonacka Blast for a free Demonstration

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